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Yeast, Insect (baculovirus) and Mammalian Expression System

Guaranteed yield and purity

For proteins difficult to be obtained in active form from E. Coli, we provide yeast, insect or mammalian cell cultures for protein expression.

Host Cell Selection

Various factors determine if yeast, insect or mammalian is the best system for the expression of a target protein. These include post translational modification, source of the protein, the history of expression and purification and cost, affinity tag, yield , purity and available vectors and genes.
In the term of cost, the order is Yeast < Insect < Mammalian. The order of yield is reverse.

Small Scale Test Run

Once th host cell is decided, expression will first be tested in different cell stains to optimize expression level of the target protein. If the expression level is too low to yield sufficient amount of protein or the target protein fails to be expressed in biologically active form, the results will be reported to customer and the suggestion to alternative plans will be proposed.

Protein Production, Research Scale or Large Scale

Research scale: 1 liter of cell culture
Large Scale: 5, 10 20 and up to 50 liter of culture

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A cost effective solution for long term protein supplies
solution that will largely reduce the cost for protein supply
> 20% off for repeat orders of the same protein. This discount will be increased to 30% starting from the 3rd order of the same protein
>15% off for mutant proteins of the original protein*. Start from the 2nd order, the same mutant will also Yienjoy 30% discount.
* The discount does not apply to mutants that require a new purification scheme due to the
change of protein kkproperties.caused by mutation