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Lentiviral shRNA (vshRNA) Service

  • Custom Preparation of vshRNA Lentiviral Particles
  • Custom Construction of vshRNA Vectors
  • Free shRNA Design
  • TripleStrike Package: Gene Silence Guaranteed!

siRNA can be delivered into cells by infection of the cells with Lentiviral particle carrying a siRNA gene. The gene is then integrated into chromosome DNA of the host cells and is constantly expressed to achieve long term gene silence (>30 days). Lentiviral particles can be transducted into a wide variety of cells. The major advantage of Lentiviral shRNA over regular shRNA is that vshRNA can be delivered into both dividing and non-dividing cells to achieve stable long term gene silence effect. For more comparison of siRNA, shRNA and vshRNA, please click here
The procedure of vshRNA preparation is shown in following flow chart:

  • Construction of a vshRNA vector and preparation of viral particles are two essential steps to achieve gene silence by vshRNA. EZBiolab provide both of the services.

    1. vshRNA Vector Construction Service

    Custom Construction of Lentiviral shRNA Vector

    This service is for the projects that already have a sequence of shRNA. If you need guaranteed results
    from our design, please see our TripleStrike package.

    Construction of vshRNA vector is to insert a synthetic DNA oligos (60-110 bp) into a vector. This seemly simple experiment is much more troublesome than many expected for the following reasons:

    • synthesis of long oligos ( >50mer) is prone to errors
    • oligos for shRNAs often form hairpin structure, which is difficult to be cloned into a vector
    • hairpin structure is difficult to be sequenced

    If you already have a shRNA sequence , we can construct the vshRNA vector for you. This could save you a lot of time and troubles to make the construction yourself. We provide:

    • A collection of EZBiolab's Lentiviral vectors specifically designed for shRNA
    • Multiple selections of report genes, promotors and antibiotic resistance
    • Free design service
    • Guaranteed sequence accuracy
    • TripleStrike vshRNA package that guarantees to knockdown your gene (see below)
    • Price: $425.00 per construction for 1-2 constructions.
      (10% discount applies to order >2)
    • Delivered in 3-4 weeks

    TripleStrike Custom vshRNA Vector Construction Package

    Guarantee to silence the target gene
    Similar to our siRNA synthesis and regular shRNA vector construction services, our TripleStrike Custom vshRNA Vector Construction package provides design and construction of three vshRNA vectors targeting three different regions of a gene and a control shRNA vectors. Customer only need to provide us a gene accession number ( gene bank ID) or a gene sequence. We guarantee you that this gene will be silenced.

    Package Includes Design and Construction
    1. Three shRNA expression vectors
    number of shRNA vectors 3
    target gene customer assign
    quantity 20 ug/clone
    purity transfection grade
    2. Negative control shRNA
    number of shRNA dvectors 1
    target gene NC
    quantity 20 ug
    purity transfection grade
    Customer Provide
    A gene bank ID (accession number) or the sequence of a gene and a blank vector
    (customers can also provide three shRNA sequences of their own design)
    At least one of the three shRNAs will generate 70% silence effect at mRMA level
    (no guarantee is offered for customer's own design)
    Price: Email us for a quote
    Delivery Time: -4 weeks

    2. vshRNA Lentiviral Particle Preparation Service

    The service includes construction of vshRNA vectors and preparation of viral particles. The high titer of vshRNA lentiviral particles customer received are ready to infect host cells and to silence the target gene.
    For available promotors and report genes, please click here

    Custom Preparation of vshRNA Lentivial Particle

    If you already have a vshRNA vector, we can preparae viral particles for you. If you do not have the vector, we can help you to design a shRNA sequence, construct a vshRNA vector and then prepare viral particles. For detail and price, please email us for a quote

    TripleStrike Custom vshRNA Lentiviral Particle Preparation Package

    Guarantee to silence the target gene!

    Service Code vshRNA-TP-1
    Package Include 1. siRNA sequence design
    2. vshRNA vector construction
    3. shRNA Lentiviral particle preparation
    Customer Receive 1. Three vshRNA Lentiviral particles targeting three different regions of a gene
    (10^7 TU/each)
    2. Three vshRNA vectors
    Customer Provide The sequence of the target gene or its gene bank ID (accession number) and
    blank vectors.
    Guarantee At least one of the three shRNAs will generate >70% silence result at mRNA
    Deliver Time 6-8 weeks
    Price ($) Email us for a quote
    Service Code vshRNA-TP-2
    Package Include vshRNA-TP-1 plus a large preparation of vshRNA viral particles (2 x 10^8 TU).
    The sequence of the large prep is based on gene silence results of vshRNA-TP-1
    Price ($) Email us for a quote