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RNAi: siRNA Oligo Synthesis

EZBiolab sets the highest standard for purity, quality, quantity and affordability for custom siRNA oligo synthesis
  • All our siRNA oligos are delivered in the highest purity ----- PAGE purified.
  • Since PAGE can detect a single base pair mismatch, it guarantees 100% accuracy.
  • The amount delivered is guaranteed to equal or more than you have ordered.
    If you order 20 nmol oligos, you will receive at least 20 nmol purified products.
  • The list price of our purified siRNA is already ~40% lower than most others'. The actually difference is even wider: If you order 20 nmol siRNA, most other companies will synthesize 20 nmol crude product. The final amount of purified siRNA you received is less than an half of crude ones. Only EZBiolab delivers you 20 nmol or more purified products.
  • TripleStrike all-inclusive siRNA package: any gene, silence result guaranteed
Price information
Quality Quantity Price (US $)
PAGE purified pre-annealed 20 nmol (8 OD) Email us for a quote
40 nmol (16 OD) Email us for a quote
100 nmol (40 OD) Email us for a quote
* 1 OD ~ 2.5 nmol duplex (21mer)
Product information
   PAGE purifid. Purity > 98%
Quality control PAGE can detect single base pair mismatch. PAGE
purified siRNA guarantees 100% accuracy
Quantitation Spectrometer
Length 19-21 bp
Format Pre-annealed lyophylized powder
Packing siRNA oligos (2 OD/tube), universal buffer and RNase
free water
Gene name, oligo name, oligo sequence, PAGE result
and OD numbers
Storage Dry powder: RT 1-2 weeks; 4 degree 2-4 weeks; -20
degree 6 month; -70 degree > 1 year
Delivery 10 - 12 working days
TripleStrike Custom siRNA Package
Gene Silence Guaranteed

Total solution
To silence a gene that does not have a known target site, EZBiolab's TripleStrike Custom siRNA Package provides the best solution. This all-inclusive package provides design and synthesis of three siRNA oligos targeting three different regions of a gene and all necessary control siRNAs. Customer only need to provide us a gene accession number (or a sequence). We guarantee that this gene will be silenced.
>98% Knockdown Rate
advanced design algorithm has constantly being refined to incorporate the most updated knowledge in the field. Together with our high standard for product quality (every siRNA is gel purified), our TripleStrike package has achieved >98% success rate. Among them.

  • all three siRNAs silenced target genes: 18%
  • two of three silenced target genes: 56%
  • one of three silenced target genes: 28%
In the rare cases (<2%) that all three siRNAs failed to silence a gene, the major reasons were high GC content or high homology of the target gene sequence to other genes which resulted non-specific silence.
Full Guarantee
if your gene is failed to be silenced, we will design and make another set of therr siRNAs until silence results are achieved. Or, your order will be fulled refunded

Package includes Design and Synthesis
                       1. Three siRNA duplexes
number of siRNA duplexes
target gene
provided by customer
10 nmol/duplex
PAGE purified and annealed
                      2. Positive control siRNA
number of siRNA duplexes
target gene
2.5 nmol
PAGE purified and annealed
                      3. Negative control siRNA
number of siRNA duplexes
target gene
2.5 nmol
PAGE purified and annealed
Customer Provide
A gene bank ID (accession number) or the sequence of a gene
(customers can also provide three siRNA sequences of their own design)
At least one of the three siRNAs will generate 70% silence effect at mRMA level
(no guarantee is offered for customer's own design)
Price and Delivery
Email us for a quote
delivered in 10-12 working days
*All siRNA oligos are 21mer with a 19mer core and a dTdT sequence at the 3' end