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shRNA vector Construction

the expressed shRNA is processed into siRNA and then blocks its target gene. Comparing to chemically synthesized siRNA, shRNA has these features:

  • Transfection efficiency can be monitored by report genes
  • Transfected cells can be selected from non-transfected ones based on antibiotic resistance
  • Experiments are operated at DNA level, which is much less accessible to degradation.
  • One time construction, unlimited supply.
For more comparison between siRNA and shRNA, click here

Construction of shRNA vector is to insert a synthetic DNA oligos (60-110 bp) into a vector. This seemly simple experiment is much more troublesome than many expected for the following reasons:

  • synthesis of long oligos (>50mer) is prone to errors
  • oligo for shRNAs often forms hairpin structure, which is difficult to be cloned into vector
  • hairpin structure is difficult to be sequenced

this labour-intensive and time consuming work. Our service provides

  • a large collection of EZBiolab's vectors specifically designed for shRNA
  • multiple selections of report genes, promoters and antibiotic resistance
  • free design service
  • guaranteed sequence accuracy
  • TripleStrike shRNA package that guarantees to knockdown your gene!
TripleStrike Custom shRNA Construction Package
Silence Result Guaranteed

This all-inclusive package provides design and construction of three shRNA vectors targeting three different regions of a gene and two control shRNA vectors. Customer only need to provide us a gene accession number ( gene bank ID) or a gene sequence. We guarantee you that this gene will be silenced by the package

Package Includes Design and Construction
1. Three shRNA expression vectors
number of shRNA vectors 3
target gene customer assign
quantity 20 ug/clone
purity transfection grade
2. Positive control shRNA
number of shRNA dvectors 1
target gene GAPDH
quantity 20 ug
purity transfection grade
3. Negative control shRNA
number of shRNA dvectors 1
target gene NC
quantity 20 ug
purity transfection grade
Customer Provide
A gene bank ID (accession number) or the sequence of a gene
(customers can also provide three shRNA sequences of their own design)
At least one of the three shRNAs will generate 70% silence effect at mRMA level
(no guarantee is offered for customer's own design)
Price: Email us for a quote
Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks

shRNA Vector Construction Service

Service Code Construction Time Price ($)*
Rsh-01 shRNA vector of customer provided shRNA sequence 3-4 weeks Email us for a quote
Rsh-01p Rsh-01
+ positive control shRNA vector (20 ug)
+ negative control shRNA vector (20 ug)
+ RT PCR primer for positive control (0.5 OD)
  Email us for a quote
Rm-01 shRNA vector of customer provided miRNA sequence 4-5 weeks Email us for a quote
Rm-01p Rm-01
+negative control miRNA vector (20 ug)
+RT PCT primer for posive control (0.5 OD)
4-5 weeks Email us for a quote
  • We provide free design service.
  • For guaranteed knockdown, please see TripleStrike package

Vector and Insertion Options

Promoter H1 or U6
Report gene GFP
Resistance Hygromycin or Neomycin
shRNA insertion 25(stem) + 4 (loop) structure, for 25 bp target micro-30 miRNA