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Protein Characterization

EZBiolab provides reaserch service to characterize some essential properties of protein
Protein Molecular Weight

1. Gel electrophoresis
2. Size exclusive column
3.Mass spec

Protein Sample Purity

1.Gel electrophoresis
2.Western blot
3.Column chromatograph(HPLC)

Protein Stability

1.Free energy change of protein unfolding, dG and equilibrium constant of a protein between the fold and the unfolded states in solution. This can give an estimation on how much a protein can resist denaturation conditions such as temperature and urea concentration. It's also a reliable parameter to compare the stability of two proteins. We call it absolute stability.
2.Stability of a protein under practical conditions. This measures changes of a protein structure and function with time under a given condition.It determines half life of an active protein. We call it relative stability.

Protein Aggregation

Some proteins form aggregated oligermer but is still soluble.As a result, this aggregation can not be detected by visual inspection. We offer two methods to determine protein aggregation:
1.Size exclusive chromatograph
2.Dynamic light scatter(DLS)

Protein Structure Determination By CD (Circular Dichroism)   detail

CD is a commonly used method to determine structure of a protein. It determines
1.Secondary structure, particular alpha helix content in a protein
2.If a protein is unfolded
3.Protein stability

Protein -Ligand Binding and Protein-Receptor Binding

We provide reaserch service to determine protein-ligand interaction.Our main approach is fluorescence, including fluorescence intensity and fluorescence anisotropy (polarization). We determine Kd, Ki (based on competition assay) and IC 50 of binding. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in both data analysis and fluorescence methodology guarantee you a publication quality result.

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