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Protein Expression and Purification Service

Fractional cost, Total solution

Protein expression and purification are labor intensive and time consuming. To have efficient amount of proteins at a desirable purity is often the bottleneck of a research project that ranges from structural biology to drug discovery.
EZBiolab protein expression and purification service can help you to solve this problem.Our price is very affordable and our highly knowledgable scientists will work with you to meet your specific requirement. Combined with our codon optimization, gene synthesis, vector construction and protein refolding service, we provide a total solution for protein production at a fractional cost.

Services Proteins Systems Scales
  • Expression
  • Purification
  • Refolding
  • Characterization
  • Gene synthesis
  • Vector construction
  • Mutagenesis
  • Affinity tagged proteins
  • Non tagged native proteins
  • Aggregated/insoluble proteins
  • Membrane proteins
  • Difficult proteins
  • 13C/15N labeled proteins
  • Bacterial
  • Yeast
  • Insect
  • Mammalian
  • In vitro translation
  • Regular scale for

  • Large scale for
    industrial production
Service Highlight
E.coli Expression Systems

Bacterium, mainly E. Coli is the most efficient protein expression system in term of yield and cost. We find
that ~ 80% of proteins, regardless their origins, can be expressed and purified from E. Coli in active form.
The key to our success is our decades experiences in expression condition optimization and refolding
technology. Except those with specific modification critical to their functions, such as glycosylation, most
proteins should be first tested in E. Coli for its unmatched yield and low cost.  detail

Yeast, Insect and Mammalian Expression Systems
Some proteins, such as those with specific post-translational modification, multi-domain or multi-subunit proteins requiring special assembling mechanism in a particular type of cells are impossible or very difficult to be obtained in active forms from E. Coli cells. For them, we provide protein expression and purification service from yeast, insect or mammalian cells. detail

Protein Refolding
Refolding is the key to proteins expressed in E. Coli with high yield but forming aggregated inclusion bodies. Our sophisticated refolding technology including dynamic light scattering, CD and fluorescence spectrum to characterize refolded proteins

13C/15N labeling
13C/15N labeled proteins are essential samples for NMR and MS studies. We provide custom preparation of either uniformly labeled or site-specific labeled protein samples.

Protein Characterization
  • Molecular weight determination
  • Purity determination
  • Stability determination: absolute stability or relative stability
  • Protein structure by CD
  • Aggregation/oligomeration
  • Binding
A Low Cost Solution to Protein Supply
Protein expression and purification is often to be the most difficult step for a research project in term of time and labour involved. Our price is so affordable that it is no longer worth for you to spend your valuable time in a cold room.

Finally, I can afford a
break from cold rooms

For projects that require reliable and affordable protein supply over long time, we provide additional discount that will further reduce the cost substantially:
> 20% off for repeat orders of the same protein. This discount will be increased to 30% starting from the 3rd order of the same protein
> 15% off for mutant proteins of the original protein*. Start from the 2nd order, the same mutant will also enjoy 30% discount.
* The discount does not apply to mutants that require a new purification scheme nmdue to the change of protein properties caused by mutation
Sophisticated Technology, Different Results
Instead of brutal force approach, we combine advanced technology with our in-depth knowledge on protein sciences to offer a comprehensive and sophisticated solution. This is reflected by the broad range services we offer. Some of them are uniquely found from EZBiolab. Our results are reliable, analysis is in-depth and delivery is on-time.
Request a Quote
Our service is milestone based. Please email us the basic information of your project (sequence, amount and purity required) as well as any other information such as if you already have a construction, the solubility and stability of the target protein and if have, the references about expression and purification of the target proteins.
We will return you a detailed experimental plan with a price quote.