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Protease Assay: Products and Services
Protease is our focused area. We provide unique combination of technology, affordability and expertise on protease products and services for research and drug discovery.
  •    Protease Substrates
    •   Traditional FRET based peptide substrates
    •   Fluorescent full length protein substrates
  •    Protease Inhibitors
  •    Protease Enzymes
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Based on our fluorescent protein substrate technology, EZBiolab provides a unique assay platform for discovery of small compound or biologic inhibitors binding to either its substrate protein or protease target itself.
  •    Assay development for protease screening
  •    Protease screening assay
              Small to medium throghput screening
              Hits verification and leads optimization by our native protein substrate assay technology
  •    Inhibitor Characterization and Kinetics and Mechanism of proteases
              Ki, Kd, Km, IC50, inhibition types, tight binding inhibitors and more
  •    Binding assay
  •    Custom synthesis and production of substrates and enzymes
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Our Technology
Fluorescence based protease assay that cleaves the native protein substrates
  •    Native folded full-length protein substrate processing its physiology conformation
  •    Fluorescence based real-time kinetic assay
  •    As simple and quantitative as traditional FRET short peptide substrates
  •    Discovery of inhibitors and development of monoclonal antibodies binding the substrate protein
        in addition to active site inhibitors
  •    Eliminate selectivity problems of protease drug development
  •    Reference and more information
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