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Molecular Biology

Site-directed Mutagenesis               catalog # MBS101
number of mutations 1 2 3
price ($) 395.00 495.00 570.00
  • One mutation is one codon change on a gene. It also includes deletion or
  • The price is for insertion that is less than 2 kb. For > 2 kb, the price is 10% higher.
  • Bi-directional sequencing results to the insertion will be provide. Additional charge applies to full vector sequencing.
  • Customer provide: plasmid DNA
  • Turn around time is 2-3 weeks
Plasmid Preparation                   catalog# MBS102
Plasmid mini-prep
  • Minimal order: 96 preps
  • Plasmid yield: 3-5 ug per prep
  • Price without restriction digestion: $5.50/prep
  • With restriction digestion: $7.50/prep
  • Discount for large orders
Plasmid maxi-prep
  • Minimal order: 24 preps
  • Plasmid yield: 100 - 200 ug/prep
  • Price: $37.50/prep provided
  • Discount for large orders. Please email us for a quote
Gene cloning and Subcloning                  catalog# MBS103
Gene cloning $450.00
  • Customer provide:
The sequence of the gene to be cloned and the template source, such as a cDNA library
  • We perform:
Design and synthesize primers PCR and ligate PCR products into our standard vector, pUC57 Transform and grow bacteria isolate plasmids Screen clones Sequence to verify the gene
Subcloning $295.00
  • Customer provide:
1. DNA fragment to be subcloned. It can be a PCR product or a plasmid carrying the target DNA
2. Subcloning vector or commercial source to purchase the vector
  • We perform:
Restriction digestion and ligation Transformation and cell growth Plasmid isolation Screening and Selection of clones DNA sequencing to verify the insertion