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Pre-Staining Protein Sample Loading Buffer for SDS-PAGE Gels
View Your Protein Bands in an SDS Gel instantly

Directly view protein bands while the gel is still in its cassette

  • •   No more gel stain/de-stain
  • •   No special instruments or reagents required
  • •   No need to retrieve gels from gel cassettes
  • •   Transferred bands can be viewed on blot membranes
  • •   Compatible with Western blot
  • •   Stain selected lanes, not the entire gel
  • •   Apply to any gels, hand-made or precast

Instant-Bands Sample Treatment Buffer (Sample Loading Buffer) stains protein samples for SDS-PAGE. Protein samples are pre-stained during sample treatment prior to electrophoresis. The protein bands in a gel can be visualized and pictured directly after electrophoresis by a gel image system or by a simple UV or LED transilluminator. This product has the following features:

Simple:        Completely eliminate the staining/de-staining procedure without introducing any extra steps to the standard                       SDS-PAGE protocol
Fast:             The results can be visualized and analyzed instantly after electrophoresis while the gel is still in its cassette
Sensitive:    The sensitivity is higher than the silver staining
Flexible:       Gels pre-stained with Instant-Bands can be transferred for Western Blot experiment. It can also be further stained by                       Coomassie blue if desired
Clean:           No contamination of organic solvents to our environment and no messes of coomassie blue stains in your lab

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Simple Experiment

Instant-Band is a ready-to-use sample treatment buffer for SDS-PAGE experiments.
1. Mix Instant-Bands sample treatment buffer with a protein sample.
2. Heat the mixture and then load the treated samples to an SDS gel.
3. Start electrophoresis. Protein bands are instantly viewable after the run.

Instant Result

Instant-Band treated samples are directly viewed on an UV transilluminator (1) and the same gel is then stained by Coomassie blue (2).

Lane 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 were treated by Instant-Bands loading buffer. Lane 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 were treated by the regular loading buffer.

You don’t need to retrieve the gel from the gel cassette

In this image, the gel was viewed by a LED transilluminator while the gel was still in the gel cassette. The protein bands can also be viewed by any other gel image systems.

LED transilluminator is now widely available in many labs. It is initially developed for Agarose gel stained by safe DNA dyes. The excitation wavelength of Instant-Band is within visible range that perfectly matches light emitted by a blue LED light. So LED transilluminator is ideally suitable to Instant-Bands stained protein SDS gel.

Compatible with Western Blot Experiment

Ponceau S stain is no more needed
After transferred to membrane, Instant-Bands stained protein bands become more intense because a membrane is much thinner than a gel. Protein samples stained by Instant-Bands can then be directly detected by Western Blot.
Alternatively, you can load an Instant-Bands treated sample next to the well of the same sample treated by the regular loading buffer. The Instant-Bands sample serves as the control for transfer efficiency and for location of the target protein.

An Application Example

Expression and Purification of a His-Tagged Protein from E.Coli

Using Instant-Bands to eliminate gel stain and de-stain, the entire process from expression to purification is streamlined without interruption. It greatly accelerates and simplifies this .

Gel 1: Expression and solubility of the target protein
The picture was directly taken while the gel was still in its cassette.
It showed that the target protein was expressed and was soluble.
So the experiment was immediately moved to the purification step.

Lane 1, fluorescent protein M.W makers
Lane 2, cells without induction
Lane 3, cells induced by IPTG
Lane 4, supernatant of cell lysis
Lane 5, pellet of cell lysis
Gel 2: Purification of the expressed protein
Again, the gel was still in the cassette
Lane 1, fluorescent protein M.W makers
Lane 2, supernatant of cell lysis before Ni column
Lane 3, Ni column flow through
Lane 4, wash with 10 mM imidazole
Lane 5, wash with 30 mM imidazole
Lane 6, wash with 100 mM imidazole
Lane 7, elution with 400 mM imidazole
Lane 8, elution with 1 M imidazole
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Instant-Bands is a 3x sample treatment buffer. It comes in various sizes. Each package contains 3 vials: Instant-Bands, Resuspension Buffer and Enhancing buffer. Enhancing Buffer is only needed for Bis-tris gel. Functionally, there are the reduced Instant-Band and the non-reduced Instant-Band, which are for reducing gel (the most common gel) and non reducing gel, respectively.

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Prestaining Protein Sample Treatment Buffer Catalog # Price  

Instant-Bands, for SDS-PAGE, Double size package

2 vials. Re-suspend each vial in 1000 ul resuspension buffer before use.



Instant-Bands, for SDS-PAGE, Regular size package

1 vial. Re-suspend each vial in 1000 ul water before use.



Instant-Bands, for SDS-PAGE, Testing Sample package

1 vial. Re-suspend each vial in 100 ul resuspension buffer before use.



Instant-Bands, for non-reducing gel, Double size package

2 vials. Re-suspend each vial in 1000 ul resuspension buffer before use.



Instant-Bands, for non-reducing gel, Regular size package

1 vial. Re-suspend each vial in 1000 ul resuspension buffer before use.



Instant-Bands, for non-reducing gel, Testing Sample package

1 vial.Re-suspend each vial in 100 ul resuspension buffer before use.



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Instant-Bands + Fluorescent Protein M.W. Markers