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EZBiolab Custom Gene Synthesis

Price of gene synthesis hits rock bottom


Simply inform us a sequence, we will send you the gene cloned in a vector with 100% accuracy.

Terms and Conditions
price Email us for a quote
delivery time <1 kb, 2-3 weeks
1-2 kb, 3-4 weeks
2-3 kb, 4-6 weeks
3-5 kb, 6-8 weeks
> 5kb, please ask
vector pBluescript II SK or pUC57
amount delivered 2-5 ug plasmid (lyophilized powder)
quality control in-vector sequencing (bi-directional)
guarantee 100% accuracy
  • We provide free codon optimization service
  • All genes are cloned into our standard vectors (pBluesscript II SK or pUC57) through blunt end ligation. If you want a gene to be subcloned into a different vector, please add $295.00 and allow 5-10 more days. You should provide us the subcloning vector or a commercial source to purchase the vector. In the later case, the cost of subcloning vector will be added to the final invoice.
  • Minimal order is 250 bp. Less than 250 bp will be charged at the price of 250 bp.
  • Sequencing result will be provided.
  • For difficult sequence, such as multiple repeating or high GC content (>70%), please ask for a quote.
  • Absolutely confidential
  • Shipping is $30.00 ($45 for international customers) For international shipment, shipping insurance that is 1% of total order will be added to the final invoice. This is the addition to the $45 shipping charge.
  • Shipping carrier is US post office express mail (globe express mail internationally). It is an overnight delivery service. For international delivery, it usually takes 2-4 days .Other delivery service such as Fedex, DHL or UPS is available at a higher price
Why do you need a synthetic gene?

At the price we are offering, it costs less by ordering a synthetic gene than PCR it yourself. More importantly, it will save you a lot of precious research time.Additionally, gene synthesis provides some unique applications impossible or difficult to be accomplished by PCR. Below is a partial list:

  • codon optimization
  • multi-site mutagenesis
  • restriction sites
  • create a new gene
  • genes difficult to be obtained by PCR
  • more
What exactly will you receive?

The synthetic gene is inserted into a pBluescript II or pUC57 vector through blunt end ligation, usually at Sma I site. What you receive is 2-5 ug such plasmid containing the gene you have requested. You can ask your gene being subcloned into another vector, such as a protein expression vector. Subclone fee is $295.00.
download plasmid maps:

  • pBluescript II
  • pUC57pUC57

About codon optimization

It has been shown that simply place the most frequently used codons into a gene will not guarantee high level of protein expression. GC content, the secondary structure, repeating sequences and some other factors can also affect the expression significantly. Our codon optimization algorism considers all factors that can affect protein expression and generate a sequence optimized for protein expression in host cells. Exactly to say, this is sequence optimization instead of codon optimization