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Gene Expression and Protein Purification from Bacteria

Guaranteed yield and purity

We focus on this system for obvious reasons: unmatched yield and cost advantage. It is also the only system that can produces stable isotope labeled proteins for NMR samples at an economically acceptable level. our services are for both research and industry applications. Combined with our protein refolding service, we have produced hundreds of proteins from E. Coli that fold into their native conformation and are biologically

Research Scale

Delivery: > 3 mg purified target protein at requested purity level and the product report. If the yield is more than 3 mg, we will send all product to you.

The service includes two phases

Phase 1
Growing small volume of E. Coli culture to test and optimize expression and solubility
Expression will be tested in various E. Coli strains to optimize expression level and solubility of the target protein. If the expression level is very low or the target protein aggregates into inclusion bodies, the results will be reported to customer and recommendation for the next action will be proposed. In the case that the target protein forms inclusion body, an additional phase for protein refolding may be recommended.
Price: free for the project progresses to the next stage.
           $375 for the project terminates at this stage

Phase 2
Growing up to 2 liters of E. Coli cell culture to purify the expressed target protein
By fusion of an affinity tag such as (6 x His)-tag to the target protein at the vector construction stage, purification is much more efficient and fast. However, for a small number of proteins, affinity tag could affect their conformation and in turn, their function. We offer services for both affinity-tagged and non-tagged proteins.
A. Affinity tagged protein (His tag, GST and MBP)
One step affinity column purification
Guaranteed > 80% purity: Email us for a quote
Affinity column + up to two more purification steps
Guaranteed > 90% purity: Email us for a quote
Affinity column + up to three more purification steps
Guaranteed > 95% purity: Email us for a quote
B. Non-affinity tagged native form protein
A protein without an affinity tag can be obtained by direct expression of the non-tagged gene or by cleavage of the affinity tag from the target protein after purification. Depend on expression level, purity, aggregation state, and other properties, different strategies and purification schemes will be custom designed for each protein. Please email us for a price quote.

Large Scale

For large amount of protein production, we can grow 10, 20, 50 or 100 liters of high density cell culture in a fermentation tank and purify up to 10 g protein from a single batch. Please email us for a quote.

A cost effective solution for long term protein supplies
solution that will largely reduce the cost for protein supply
> 20% off for repeat orders of the same protein. This discount will be increased to 30% starting from the 3rd order of the same protein
>15% off for mutant proteins of the original protein*. Start from the 2nd order, the same mutant will also enjoy 30% discount.
* The discount does not apply to mutants that require a new purification scheme due to the
change of protein properties.caused by mutation