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Custom siRNA Design and Production

Unique Approach, Better Results

    In a laboratory setting, siRNA targeting a specific gene can be delivered into cells in one of the three forms:

  • Chemically synthesized siRNA oligo.
  • Expression vector carrying shRNA gene that produces siRNA in cells.
  • Engeneered Lentiviral particles carrying shRNA gene (vshRNA).

EZBiolab provides service for development and preparation of all three siRNAs. Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Please see the table for comparison.
Like all other services from EZBiolab, we provide high quality RNAi service at the best price in the industry. For example, our siRNA oligos are all delivered at the highest purity ---- PAGE purified. But our prices are only about 50% of most others.
Our scientists have been working on RNAi since its infant stage. Over years, we have developed one of the most advanced siRNA design algorithm. Our unique and powerful TripleStrike siRNA Package offers the full guarantee ---- if your gene failed to be silenced, we would either send you a re-designed package or full refund.

           TripleStrike Custom siRNA Package
           Any Gene, Silence Guaranteed
       To silence a gene that does not have a known target site, EZBiolab's TripleStrike Custom siRNA Package provides the best
           solution. This all-inclusive package provides design and preparation of three siRNAs targeting three different regions of a
           gene and all necessary control siRNAs. Customer only need to provide us a gene accession number (or a sequence). We
           guarantee that this gene will be silenced. The package is available for all three forms of siRNA: synthetic RNA oligos, shRNA
           vectors and viral shRNAs.

           Customer Provide:
           The accession number of the target gene (or a gene sequence)
        We deliver:
            Three siRNAs, a positive control and a negative control
           Available for:
           siRNA oligos, shRNA vector and vital shRNA
           Full Guarantee
           At least one of the siRNAs will silence the target gene. If it failed, we will design and make another set of three siRNAs until
           silence results are achieved. Alternatively, your can choose full refund of your order.

          >98% Knockdown Rate
           EZBiolab has designed and prepared hundreds of siRNAs. Our advanced design algorithm is being constantly refined to            reflect the advance in the field. Together with our high standard for product quality, our TripleStrike package has achieved           >98% success rate. Among them:
  •                 All three siRNAs silenced target genes: 28%
  •                 Two of three silenced target genes: 56%
  •                 One of three silenced target genes: 18%
           In the rare cases (< 2%) that all three siRNAs failed, the major reasons were high GC content or high homology of the target
           gene sequence to other genes which resulted non-specific silence.

RNAi is one of the most important discoveries in biological research in the past 10 years. It provides a powerful tool for gene research and has great potential for therapeutic application.
The final form for RNAi to block gene expression is a short RNA called siRNA. Its sequence is complementary to a stretch of its target gene. There are some common features among different siRNA sequences but no obvious sequence homology can be found. The natural process to produce siRNA in living cells is controlled by a complicate system. Exogenous siRNA can also be introduced into cells artificially to specifically silence a gene. EZBiolab provides comprehensive services for design and production such siRNAs for research use.