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Custom Antibody Development

Antibody is one of the most important tools in modern bioreserch and drug discovery. EZBiolab offers a full range of services for both polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development and production. From antigen design, peptide synthesis and conjugation, to anti-serum preparation and antibody purification, our unique approach produces better results. In addition to regular antibody, we also offer site-specific antibody and application guaranteed antibody to meet your special research application.

Service Highlight:

Antigen Design and Preparation

  • We provide free antigen design service. Our sophisticated design algorism focuses on target protein recongnition insead of ELISA titer to peptide. This boosts the chance for an antibody to react with the target protein.
  • In-house peptide synthesis and conjugation assure quality and timely delivery. The actual purity of most antigen peptides we have used far exceeds the standard immunization-grade level used by most others for antibody production. This reduces non-specificity of antibodies.
  • Our custom peptide service offers an extensive list of peptide modification such as phosphorylation and methylation for development of site-specific antibodies.
  • KLH is the primary choice of the carrier protein for peptide conjugation. Other carriers such as BSA, OVA as well as MAP are also available.
  • Conjugation is done via -SH group of a Cys at either the C- or N- terminus for its high efficiency
    and specificity. Amide group is the alternative in the situation that adding a Cys to netither of the ends is possible.

Ployclonal Antibody Production

  • Various packages to fit different antigens, application, specifications and budgets.
  • The standard host animal is rabbit. Mouse, chicken, rat or goat are also available
  • The standard protocol provides a one-time large supply of an anatibody. For constant antibody supplies from the same animals over a long term, we offer the extended protocols.
  • Site specific antibodies include phosphor-specific, methylation-specific and others. A site-specific antibody only recognizes a sequence with specific modified residues. The same sequence without the modificaiton is not recognized.
  • Application guaranteed package: we pioneered this package that assures an antibody works for Western of IP

Monoclonal Antibody Development

  • Similar to polyclonal, we offer various monoclonal packages to fit different needs.
  • Large scale monoclonal antibody production from either cell culture or aseites.
  • In addititon to IgG, we also provide monoclonal IgM.
  • In combination with our peptide library construction, we offer epitope mapping service.
  • Monoclonal antibody development is long and expensive. To minimize risks ,our service is
    milestone based. The result of each milestone stage will be reported to customers.
  • Differing from most others, we do not demand the intellectual properties of monoclonal antibodies we developed for customers. The customer owns the properties because we believe it is the customer's research leads to the development of an antibody. We only provide a service to produce the antibody.

Antibody Purificaiton

We provide three levels of antibody purificaiton:

  • Ammonium sulfate precipitation collects all immunoglobins.
  • Protein A affinity column collects all IgG.
  • Peptide affinity column yields the antigen specific antibody.

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