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13C and 15N Labeling of Proteins and Peptides

Stable isotope labeled protein and peptide are essential for NMR and Mass in biological studies. Preparation of such samples are time consuming and labor intensive and sometimes difficult to be done in a regular biochemical laborartory. This is particular the case for samples with site-secific labeled, fragment labeled or partial labeled isotopes. EZBiolab provides sevices for preparation of labeled protein or peptide samples.

Protein Labeling
Guaranteed at least one NMR sample (0.5 mM in 0.5 ml volume)

As part of our highly regarded protein expression and purfication sevices, our custom production of 15N/13C labeled proteins offers full reanges of services from gene synthesis, gene cloning to the final sample preparation. In additon to uniform labeling, we also offer fragment labeling and site-specific labeling that allow detailed studies of structure and function of a protein.

Uniform labeling

    15N 15N/13C*
His Tagged Protein 80% pure
90% pure
Non-tagged Protein 80% pure
90% pure

* The price is for M.W. < 20 KD.   For > 20 KD, $500 isotope material fee will be added.

Delivery: at least one NMR sample at requested purity or higher. If final yield is more, we will send all of them to you.

Site specific labeling and fragment labeling

We developed a technology allows label a residue in a very specific manner. There is absolutely no cross labeling to other residues. Only the desired site will be labeled. Please email us your protein for evaluation and quote.

Peptide Labeling
Guaranteed at least one NMR sample (0.5 mM in 0.5 ml volume)

Uniform labeling

    15N 15N/13C
Recombinant Peptide 80% pure
90% pure
Synthetic Peptide Email us for a quote

Site specific labeling

Isotope labeled amino acids are incorporated into a peptie duerng synthesis. Please email us for a quote.